Liaa Walter
Poppy, cicadaswallows over starsCover of "52"Peony watercolor"man-stamp" cover-up with prideWings beforeWings afterBEFORE- Japanese Sleeve with dragon koi and hannya maskAFTER- Japanese Sleeve with dragon koi and hannya maskGypsy sugar skull with roses and orchidsUnicorn cover-upBefore Dahlias and Roses with butterfliesAfter, Dahlias and Roses with butterfliesBefore, Green birds and cherry blossomAfter, green birds and cherry blossomsCobra (before)Cobra covered with koi (after)Pin-up (before)pin-up cover, TreeMatisse Flower legs BEFOREMatisse Flower legs AFTERWatercolor poppies & butterfly cover-upleaves, thorns and acornsleaves, thorns and acorns"papote" text before"papote" text afterCeltic/Nordic inspired scar cover upTropical Rosie cover-uppeonies, morning glories and wisteria coverKoi cover-up and touch -up last session
cover-ups, touch-ups and add-ons
I actually do enjoy creating cover-up tattoos. It presents an interesting challenge for me, and I enjoy helping individuals feel better about work they were not happy with for one reason or another.
Touch-ups are also equally satisfying. Boldening colors, lines and shades help bring tattoos back to life.