Liaa Walter
Liaa Walter
8227 Woodmont Ave
Suite 2B
Bethesda, MD 20814
I am accepting new clients at Bethesda Tattoo at this time. If you would like to set up a consult, the fastest way to get on my schedule is to call the shop and have the receptionist schedule an appointment. 301-652-0494
Please consider my portfolio and style of tattooing before contacting the shop. I do not tattoo anyone under 18, and prefer to not do text work.


Consults are free and allow us to sit together, come up with a sketch, take notes and share ideas. At the consult you will have the option to leave a deposit and set up a tattoo appointment. This is the time we have for the client to approve the rough sketch and add any input.

Can I email you reference photos:
Yes. If you forget anything at the consult, would like to send me more reference photos, or make any changes to the idea, I will give you my email. For the sake of organization, I ask that you limit your pictures to one large email instead of sending me many different emails. You can also start a pinterest page of references and invite me to see your board so I can follow it.

Final Drawings:
All final drawings are presented at the time of your tattoo appointment. I do not send out emails of finished drawings. Don't panic! You have time to approve, make small changes, or size the final drawing at this time. If for some reason, the drawing is all wrong, we will use the tattoo appointment as a 2nd consult and reschedule the tattoo. I am willing to work with my clients to create a piece that works for you.

I am thankful for any and all tips, but it is never an obligation. We can accept cash tips, but there will not be an option to leave them on credit card at Bethesda Tattoo.

I recommend purchasing, after inked, burts bees,, or milk and honey You may also use aquaphor
Use your preferred aftercare product a few times a day for about a week and as needed after that. After you get home, remove the bandage and wash with an antibacterial or mild soap (soft soap, diall, or Dr Bronners). Gently let water and soap run over the tattoo. DO NOT, scrub or rub the tattoo in the shower. Always pat dry. You may re-wrap overnight to prevent from sticking to sheets or clothing. unwrap and follow the same steps but leave unwrapped during the day.

*Picking, pealing, scratching
*working out up to 5 days after
*Direct sun for up to 2 weeks
*swimming or soaking in water for up to 2 weeks

*Keep clean
*wear loose, comfortable clothing
*take ibuprofin for swelling
*elevate any swollen areas